Wedding lasershow

Turn your wedding with a personal and romantic lasershow to an unforgettable experience --- The highlight of the evening ---

Goehring Lasertechnik Laser Shows for weddings are more in demand than ever. Whether as a book by the couple themselves or as a gift of the wedding guests at the bride and groom. A personal wedding Lasershow is the surprise, the highlight of the evening. Individually you make your wedding Lasershow with your two names, your wedding date and your own scrolling texts to a complete screenplay. Starting from your first meeting until the wedding the laser show told and project the unique history of the bride and groom. Here can also personal music and love symbols emphasize these contacting phase. According to your specifications (photos, Stock selection, duration, flow, etc.), we create your wedding Lasershow on her wedding day in sync with the music.

Even for the small budget we offer a spectacular show. Ask here.

Goehring Lasertechnik There is to a graphical wedding laser show as the second part a so-called beam show. Together in a block or in two parts, depending on the expiration of the evening, the wedding guests looks on the show laser systems. Many laser beams, circles, squares, etc. triangles, lines, laser tunnnels are projectetd in the room. Combined with light fog or light haze senational laser effects are araised in many colors. Fits and sync with the music created beautiful and space-filling laser beams, point circuits, etc. which are comparable with any other light. Again, the enthusiasm of the guests and the newlyweds guaranteed. The Wedding laser show as an exceptional highlight at their most beautiful day is unforgettable for all.