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Transform your wedding into an unforgettable experience with an individual and romantic laser show --- the highlight of the evening ---

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Showlaser systems, Laser components and Lasershows

Lasershows for weddings are in demand the ever. Whether as a booking by the newlyweds themselves or as a gift from the wedding guests to the bridal couple, a personal wedding laser show is the surprise, the highlight of the evening. Individually design your wedding laser show with your two names, your wedding date and your own running texts up to a complete screenplay. Starting with your first meeting until the wedding day, the wedding laser show tells and projects the unique story of the bride and groom. Here also personal music and love symbols can underline this touching phase. According to your specifications (pictures, title selection, duration, sequence, etc.) we will create your wedding laser show for your wedding day in sync with the music.

The second part of a graphic wedding laser show is a so-called beam show. Summarized in a block or in two performances, depending on the end of the evening, here the wedding guests look to the show laser systems, which project many laser beams, fans, circles, squares, triangles, lines, laser tunnels, etc. into the room. In combination with light fog or light haze senationelle laser effects in many colors. Matching and in sync with the music are beautiful and space-filling laser fans, dot circles, etc. which are not comparable to any other light in the world. Again, the enthusiasm of the guests and the bridal couple is guaranteed. The wedding laser show as an extraordinary highlight of your most beautiful day Remains unforgettable. Instead of smoke machines, we also like to use the more popular hazers to perform laser shows. To the thick fog clouds of a fog machine, which are distributed with powerful fans, the hazer creates a slight haze that spreads better and more evenly in the room. These are much more pleasant, even for older audiences, and provide the same visibility of the laser beams.

The projection surface is either an opposite white or black wall, a gauze canvas as shown in the picture "Heaven", or for very unusual projections, a water screen is used. For a water screen larger tripods, Traversenteile and a closed water cycle are needed. Thus, one is Laser projection on a water screen in most cases due to the very high cost only suitable for larger or more expensive events. A certain minimum size is a prerequisite for the construction of the water screen and the other technical equipment. In order to ensure a perfect presentation of the laser show, a preliminary talk and precise technical information about the circumstances, the course of the event and the positioning of the laser show is required. The result - the wedding laser show - that you and your audience will experience, thrilled enormously. See and see for yourself. We look forward to seeing you.

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